A few years ago, the Brookings Institute examined the importance of “third spaces,” referring to sociologist Ray Oldenburg’s concept of “joyful association in the public domain.” (The first space being home and, second, the workplace). People seeking comradery and connection will most likely find it in third spaces.

The Princeton Shopping Center, especially our courtyard, serves as a canvas for communal experiences that are transformational for the soul. Be it through music, dance, film, art, or cultural + literary events, everyone is welcome to safely flex their social muscles.

Cohesive communities are more relevant now than ever and public art activates landscapes in unique ways that spark dialogue and encourage people to authentically connect. An important part of our mission is to collaborate with embedded organizations like the Arts Council of Princeton on neighborhood enrichment projects.

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Lead With Kindness

Leading with kindness speaks to the notion of kindness and compassion as a mindset-first message to the community.

An original design created by Laura Dominick, lead design + media manager at EDENS, which owns and operates Princeton Shopping Center, sees this message as a movement. “Art catalyzes and enriches communities. Our Kindness mural is a vivid reminder to live each day with more empathy and thoughtfulness.”

You’ll find Lead with Kindness on McCaffrey’s courtyard wall. Tag us in your snaps @princetonshoppingcenter and we’ll share!

artist: Laura Dominick / EDENS
painted by Arts Council of Princeton artists Maria Evans and Melissa Kuscin


Love Mural

Put a little LOVE in your heart.

LOVE is a language understood by all. It speaks to love of one’s self and of each other ~ we see kindness and gratitude embedded in love. We see your love of community, even in the most challenging of times, your love of all-things-local is present here.

The bright color palette of hearts in our LOVE mural represent the layers of love, to which there are many.

See our LOVE mural located on the wall next to Bella Boutique facing Harrison Street. Tag us in your pics @princetonshoppingcenter and we’ll share!

LOVE Mural painted by Arts Council of Princeton Artists Maria Evans and Melissa Kuscin

Love Mural photo by Cyndi Shattuck Photography


Bring on the JOY

See our Bring on the JOY mural on the courtyard wall next to Smith’s Ace Hardware. Tag us in your pics @princetonshoppingcenter and we’ll share!

JOY Mural painted by Arts Council of Princeton Artists:
Maria Evans
Melissa Kuscin
Lisa Walsh
Fiona Chinkan


Our Retailers


Color Me Mine

Color Me Mine of Princeton is a paint your own pottery and canvas art studio. You pick it and paint, we will glaze and fire it for you in our kilns! Our goal at Color Me Mine is to provide our customers a fun & comfortable place to explore their creative side. No experience necessary!

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Princeton Makes

Located next to Metropolis Spa + Salon, this collaborative concept includes ten studios where local artists produce their works, along with a retail area for those ten artists, plus an additional 15-20 local consigning artists, sell their artwork.

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